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About Us

Evolving from its beginnings as Earth Organic Baby Basics, Kate Quinn Organics was launched in July 2006. Featuring stylish apparel made from the finest 100% certified organic fabrics, Kate Quinn Organics strives to care for the earth and its community without sacrificing fun and style.

– baby steps –

Kate McIntosh Quinn designed her first line of baby wear under the Earth Organic Baby Basics label in 2005.

I wanted to create a line that encompassed all the wishes and dreams of new parents: the softest, most natural materials to surround your baby, the highest quality design and construction, and most importantly, the hope of a cleaner, kinder earth.

-Kate Quinn

The classic, clean designs and ultra soft fabrics generated a great deal of interest and excitement from parents who shared Kate’s concern for the earth and vision for clothing their babies. The response was so positive that a short year later, what was once a line of baby basics had expanded to include stylish coordinates, additional colors, and larger sized pieces for little kids.

To reflect the growing clothing lines, Earth Organic Baby Basics changed its name and was re-launched in July of 2006 as Kate Quinn Organics.

– simple, unique designs –

Our designs highlight your baby’s natural beauty with simple, elegant lines and fresh, nature-inspired colors. Clothes are available in soothing basic colors, like Vanilla Bean and Chocolate, on their own or uniquely mixed with contrasting fun, vibrant shades like Dragonfly blue and Pomegranate red. Designed by Kate Quinn, former Hollywood Stylist, and certified organic from seed to packaging, our apparel was created to be both fashionable and environmentally friendly.

– committed to service –

We believe that the quality of the interactions we have with our customers is as important as the quality of our products. Part of our commitment to the welfare of the earth is our commitment to positive, personal communication in an age of impersonal technology. Although vendors and clients no longer need to meet face to face, at Kate Quinn Organics, we know that behind each email or online transaction is not just a customer, but a person, a member of the global community, and a member of our own community.

– a cleaner, kinder earth –

At Kate Quinn Organics, we pride ourselves on our commitment to fair trade and the earth. We use only certified organic cotton, grown using sustainable farming practices that maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Our garments are made of ultra soft, all-natural, organically produced cotton certified by Control Union Certifications (formerly SKAL), a USDA Accredited Certifying Agent. Our garments are also made using Fair Trade practices. Every little garment supports our vision and hope of a cleaner, kinder earth.

Kate Quinn Organics continues to grow, offering new styles and lines each season.

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  1. naddy permalink
    December 4, 2012 3:33 pm

    there is no greater joy for me than for my child to be wearing your organic pure soft chemical free fabric. it make me feel safe that knowing my child is comfort it make me feel comfort as well.

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